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heels and packeging wedges
small amounts are at short notice available
Production in Germany

PVC hard foam

  • extremely light weight (75kg/m³)
  • resistant to deformation
  • highest high-powered claims
  • water-proofed
  • power consumption on heavy-duty boots


  • light weight (400-450 kg/m³)
  • firmness
  • economical

Light wood

  • light weight plantation wood ca. 300kg/m³
  • european hard wood

Insulating board heel

  • light weight toes-elastic filler
  • power consumption in the case of heavy-duty boots
  • economical
  • non-polluting

different filling key combinations

By our flexible manufacturing processes, we are able to set up the different filling key combinations

All materials have been inserted for years and proved effective. be continued